Not Alone (Blue) – Plate

Not Alone (Blue) – Plate

Studio G7



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Hand spun Copper Plate Wall Hanging Art Sculpture with contoured design relief, torch flame and heavy Patina coloring. Clear coat finish applied to protect the piece and multi directional bracket on the back for Wall Hanging. 3 sizes to choose from.

Whether you are walking trough raging storms, fiery trials, or a flowering meadows it is better when walk with someone who loves, encourages and even protects along the way. Let our "Not Alone" Copper Plate remind of the comfort in companionship as it rests on your wall.

Shipping Information

Since all of our Artwork are 1 of a kind pieces, the Shipping and Handling could differ. For the most part S/H will be $15.00 per address. If your Order is less or more we will discuss that with you via email or phone. For more information visit our Shipping Policy page.

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