Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you may not be the only one! Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, contact us.

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: While copper is known as a very durable non-corrosive metal it will oxidize or tarnish if not protected. We protect our copper art with a clear E-Glass powder coat or double coat Incralac finish that keeps it safe from the elements.

When displaying your artwork indoors you can rest assured that your piece will remain as colorful and bright as the day you first received it.

While our pieces are suitable for outdoors we recommend that they reside under a covered patio, porch, entry or the like. Direct sun won’t harm the piece; however, if it is exposed to the direct elements like rain, snow, extreme humidity you will want to refresh the finish with a clear spray from time to time. Heavy hail will more than likely damage the copper.

Local hardware stores will carry many options for outdoor-rated clear-coat spray paints. We can also direct you to our Incralac supplier for the best results.

Our pieces are designed with special slot holes making it easy to hang and secure once on the wall. A simple nail, screw, or a Monkey Hook (Our favorite) is all you need for most hanging applications. Masonry walls are a bit different but we have solutions.

What Type of Wall do you have?


For masonry (walls brick, stone, concrete) you will need to mark the hole placement on the wall. Then use a drill equipped with a masonry bit to drill a hole big enough to accommodate the plastic anchor. Tap in the anchor with a small Hamer. Screw in the screw but leave the head ¼ inch out from the wall for best hanging.


For wood walls – mark your nail placement and hammer in a medium to small nail with a head. Leave the head of the nail ¼ inch out from the wall for best hanging.


For sheetrock walls – use a Monkey Hook. Mark the hook placement then simply puncture the wall with the sharp end of the hook, twist in, and slide in place. You’re now ready to hang.

We want you to feel confident that your new piece will be awesome in its new space so we provide a mock up service. This will allow you the opportunity to see what your piece will look like on your wall.

Snap a straight-on picture of the wall you want for your new piece. Be sure to include the surroundings such as chairs, couch, other fixtures and art nearby.

Size Reference: Standing in the same spot, have a friend, partner, or helpful piece of furniture hold a ruler or tape measure against the wall and snap an almost identical second picture.

Upload the images and give us your contact info.

Lastly, let us know your favorite piece and we will mock it.

We put a lot of time and heart into our art. Each piece is a labor of love and we don’t want anything getting damaged in shipping. That’s why we pack everything in-house by people who really care about your piece. We typically ship through FEDEX and Every shipment is insured.

For general dusting we suggest a microfiber cloth. Using Endust or Pledge will also bring back shine if you think it looks a little dull. For a more thorough cleaning using a mild dish soap in warm is fine. Dry it with a microfiber cloth to not leave streaks. WD-4 works great for quick cleaning and water spots.