Plate Torch - "Comet" - Copper Walling Hanging Art Sculpture

Plate Torch - "Comet" - Copper Walling Hanging Art Sculpture




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Copper disk hand spun into a concave Art Plate Wall Hanging Sculpture with torch flame painting to create color and design. Custom steel hanging bracket allows for any direction of display. Finished with a protective clear coat. Available in 3 sizes.

Originally we viewed this piece as a fire ball hurling throw the sky until one day we noticed it leaning against the wall with the flame extending upward. Then we saw the dancing flame of fire or maybe the edges of a sun set. No matter which direction you choose to display, it is sure to bring warmth to your dwelling.

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Since all of our Artwork are 1 of a kind pieces, the Shipping and Handling could differ. For the most part S/H will be $15.00 per address. If your Order is less or more we will discuss that with you via email or phone. For more information visit our Shipping Policy page.

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