Artist Bio
Greg Gowen

Greg Gowen’s art is a natural expression of who he is as a person. He’s the kind of person who leaves things better than he found them- an innovator, a designer, a renovator; always dreaming big and thinking outside of the box.

Greg discovered metalwork as an ideal canvas for his ideas at an early age. His father Mike Gowen, a metal sculptor and gallery owner, allowed Greg to work and play in his studio as a boy. Greg grew up developing his natural skill there, and at the age of 10 he exhibited at his first art show and began the journey that has led him to where he is today.

Greg and his wife Deborah own and operate two galleries in New Mexico. Gowen Arts is located in old town, Albuquerque and the Copper Tree Gallery is located in Corrales, New Mexico. The Gowens live in Corrales with their four children, Jordan, Kyle, Wesley and Noah.

Greg spends most of his time at StudioG7, his studio in Bernalillo, New Mexico, where he draws inspiration from the desert around him. It’s a world of contrasts that is evident in his art. Brilliant sunsets explode with color over the muted tones of the desert sand and find their way into the copper plates and copper canvases that Greg designs and paints with fire. The simplicity of Native American culture contrasts with the busy city life and emerges in the Soul Warrior statues and Traditional Southwestern pieces, which are elegant and rustic at the same time. The movement of the desert wind and the life giving waters of the Rio Grande pour forth in the peace and beauty of Grace Dance, a work that has been praised as the pinnacle of Greg’s creations.

In fact, all of the StudioG7 Collection speaks of the contrast of life. It breathes fire but it is cold to the touch. It is rough and weathered from the raw elements of the earth and yet it is refined and brings beauty and elegance wherever it is placed.

Yes, Greg Gowen’s art is a natural expression of who he is as a person and a product of the environment where he creates it.

It’s his desire to share the goodness, beauty and passion of all that life can be with you by creating art that colors your world and gives you peace and enjoyment from his life to yours.